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Content is R.O.I

Why settle for “hitting targets” when you can captivate an audience? Give your online content the power to transform interest into sales!

Hospitality / Tourism

We create and produce content specific to your establishment, responding to the expectations of your target market and adapting it for optimal circulation over social media.

Bars / Restaurants

When 8 consumers out of 10 are influenced by content found on the internet, a customized digital strategy is critical! Grab your clients’ attention on social media with targeted content!

Wine & spirits

“Wine doesn’t sell wine. Stories do.”


Clearly, the main problem lies in their strategy for distributing their investment.

So many clients focus their resources toward advertising and community management, but fail to understand the importance of their content.

Neglecting the development of professional-quality content is to emulate a TV station that tries to garner a large audience simply by broadcasting commercials non-stop.


“Content is King!”: we’ve all heard the phrase, coined by Bill Gates in 1996.

R.O.I. (the French word for King) stands for Return On Investment. Without a content strategy or producing high-quality content to communicate to your clients, your investment risks being worthless. Let’s scrap all the ugly advertising banners and focus on what is most important:

Ban the banner because content is R.O.I.!

1 - Content Strategy

We create a bespoke strategy for your brand, specifically adapted for social media (when required), addressing your specific issues, and tailored to your target audience.


2 - Content Production

Our experts produce online content (photographs, videos, editorial content, graphic design) to tell your story and lay the foundation for your digital communication!


3 - Content Promotion

As social media experts, we disseminate your content in the right places, at the right time, and in the right way. We’re versed in the tricks of the trade for social media advertising: there’s a lot to “like”!

Some clients

Havas Voyages Group

Social media strategy, Content stragegy, Community Management.

2016 – 2017 – 2018

Memphis & Mississippi

Memphis & Mississippi Tourist Office. Social media strategy, community management.

Discover Dominica Authority

Social media strategy, content strategy, content production, community management for Dominica Tourist Office.

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